PSP Mobile Home Park Fund ii       

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**  Fund 2 is closed for new investments. ** 

Thank you for your interest in co-owning MHPs with us. 


Fund 2 Offering Details:

We are excited to present verified Accredited Investors the following Private Placement Offering Package for an investment in Park Street Partners "PSP" Mobile Home Park Fund II, LLC.  We specialize in mobile home park investing.

Our fund plans to acquire a diversified portfolio of cash flowing manufactured housing communities in order to i) preserve capital and ii) deliver substantial cash flow returns and equity appreciation to its owners. 

Click on the below link to review the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM).  FYI - the subscription agreement will be provided in electronic format via the Invest Now button. 

If you are ready to move forward with an investment, please click on the Invest Now button below. You will need to fill out the electronic subscription agreement, provide your digital signature and then fund your investment account through our escrow provider, Fund America Securities, LLC,  FINRA member, SIPC, a registered securities dealer. 

Once your investment is received and approved, we will contact you to confirm the class of shares (Class A or Class B) you would like your investment allocated to. 

We look forward to the possibility of co-owning mobile home parks with you. 


What Makes Us Different From Other Real Estate MHP Funds?

  • PSP does not charge asset management fees on equity raised.  This means our interests are fully aligned with yours; we get paid the way you do - from a portion of profits.  PSP is not motivated to purchase more mediocre properties just to  'skim' fees from rents collected.
  • We do not front-run or 'cherrypick' the best investments for ourselves.  All our very best deal flow goes into our fund.

Current Portfolio Footprint - States We Operate In


FYI: The above videos provide an overview of Fund 2, MHP case studies and an overview of the several Fund 1 holdings. 

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