Bloomberg Article on Mobile Home Park Investing Featuring Park Street Partners Co-Founder

The following article, which features our very own Jefferson Lilly, was posted on on April 10th and was included in the most recent issue of Bloomberg Markets Magazine.

Bloomberg article on mobile home park investing

Jefferson Lilly - Photographer: Nolan Conway/Bloomberg Markets

Jefferson Lilly - Photographer: Nolan Conway/Bloomberg Markets

The reporters reached out to Jefferson for some initial guidance / education on the industry and ended up traveling to two of his separately managed Oklahoma properties to get a first hand look of mobile home park operations. 

We feel that the authors did an excellent job presenting a balanced viewpoint of the industry; giving equal weight to both the opportunities and challenges associated with mobile home park investing. Of course, we'd argue that the ability to achieve outsized returns more than compensates an investor for such challenges, but then again...we (look at the pride in Jefferson's eyes in the picture above) might be just a little biased.