Use Your IRA to Invest in Real Estate

A self-directed IRA allows the owner of the IRA to invest in alternative investments.  It allows you to invest in real estate, mortgages, notes, commodities, tax liens and several other non-traditional assets.  Self directed IRAs have been available since 1974.  It is estimated that only 2% of all Americans actually utilize this unique alternative.  This option has not been heavily promoted because the traditional stock brokers have a vested interest in keeping their clients in mutual funds and stocks.

The process of establishing a self directed IRA is fairly simple and will provide you with substantially more flexibility than a traditional IRA or 401K.  This flexibility allows you to purchase tangible investments that can provide strong cash flows and the opportunity for future appreciation.  Real estate investments have historically demonstrated lower volatility vs. the stock market and substantially higher yields than most bond investments.  In addition, an investment property, specifically mobile home parks, is a hard asset which can be used as an inflation hedge (rents and property values typically rise in an inflationary market). 

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